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Key Pilates by Sharon Mullock

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A Registered Exercise Professional specialising in Exercise Referral,

Pre & Post-natal Pilates, Gym & Exercise to Music

  'Helping You to Help Yourself to a Healthier You'

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Are you looking to....

  • Acquire inner Core Strength?

  • Look and Feel better in your clothes?

  • Relieve Stress?

  • Improve your Cardiovascular System?

  • Gently Tone and lengthen your Muscles?

  • Feel Stronger?

  • Lose Weight?

  • Burn off the extra Calories?

  • Get yourself back into training mode

  • Meet new people at regular classes?

  • Achieve better Mobility and Flexibility?

  • Just feel Good About Yoursel


" Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being while movement & methodical physical exercise save it & preserve it! "

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Then I'm the person for you... Come and see for yourself. The classes are inviting, friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable. Ask any member of the class!